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Buy with confidence from a trusted leader. Founded in 1998 with the singular goal of delivering unmatched value and service to customers and consumers, PC Treasures provides you with the ideal combination of price, performance, and support. We stand firmly behind every product we sell, and if an issue should ever arise, we are here – as we’ve been for nearly two decades – to provide a positive solution. As a customer of PC Treasures, you can rely on receiving our undivided attention.

OEM Bundling

A pioneer in OEM software bundling, PC Treasures is the industry expert in creating the perfect software bundle that feature popular titles from household-name publishers, all tailored to your specific needs. Turn to us to enhance your value proposition for everything from Windows and Mac PCs to Android tablets, cameras, printers, and more.

Innovative Accessories

Featuring a full array of Bluetooth speakers, mobile charging products, custom-designed cases, and much more, the Digital Treasures division of PC Treasures is a leader in innovation, always on the cutting edge, and uniquely understanding exactly what customers are looking for.

Digital Treasures

Complete Fulfillment Services

Taking advantage of the latest technology, no one but PC Treasures can handle your fulfillment needs to your absolute, 100% satisfaction. Including a space-maximizing VNA racking system, an in-house print shop staffed with top-line professional operators, and a full complement of duplication equipment, PC Treasures can assemble and ship up to 70,000 orders on a single shift.

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Jack Welch


SINCE 1998 PC TREASURES placed over 10 Million Products in satisfied households across the U.S.



Since 1998, PC Treasures has been a pioneering force and leading provider of OEM software to resellers and system builders throughout North America. Having forged long-term relationships with a large assortment of award-winning, household-name publishers, PC Treasures has unique access to the very best software brands the industry has to offer.

PC Treasures – Your Partner in Success

In addition to our outstanding record as an OEM software industry leader, Digital Treasures division continues to forge a successful path in the field of mobile accessories. Featuring everything from Bluetooth speakers to portable chargers, custom-designed cases, and other essentials for the large-and-still-growing tablet and smartphone market, Digital Treasures has a complete offering for consumers from every demographic.

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